Iqra English Schools are a growing group of schools situated in the heart of Qatar’s capital city, Doha. Our first school opened its doors to pupils in January 2007 and due to its success and enormous demand we went on to open a further two schools, both of which have been awarded Qatar National Schools’ Accreditation (QNSA). At present, Iqra English Schools consist of three schools; a preschool for children aged between 3 and 5, and separate Primary campuses for Boys and Girls aged between 5 and 12.
Iqra English Schools are an international and multinational community of students, personnel and faculty, all united under the mission of contributing to society at a local and global level, and to nurturing and educating confident young individuals. Our curriculum is broadly based on the Curriculum of England and Wales for all subjects that are taught through the medium of English, but adapted to make it more relevant to students for whom English is a Second Language. We also teach the Qatar National Curriculum for Arabic, Islamic Studies and Qatar History and enhance this with Qur’an memorisation classes.


Iqra English School aims to provide each child with a high standard of education to help him/her become a well-informed, well-rounded, God-conscious, confident and caring individual.
Through our efforts, every child will be highly motivated to reach his / her full potential; and contribute positively to the society.


Let the light be spread with

L – Love

I – Inspiration

G – God’s fear

H – Help

T – Talent

Our Goals
  1. To instill God’s love in each child’s heart.
  2. To instill pride for our Islamic traditions, culture and values and an appreciation of other traditions, culture and values.
  1. To provide a safe, healthy and stimulating learning environment for all students.
  2. To promote physical well-being and healthy lifestyles.
  1. To provide students with opportunities, resources and staff to develop as talented and competitive individuals.
  2. To achieve academic progress by utilizing varied and modern teaching methodologies and techniques.
  3. Regularly assessing school programs and policies to ensure that it meets international and national standards and is appropriate for our student body and the aims of the school.
  4. Make learning a fun, engaging and enjoyable experience for all.
Social and Emotional
  1. Promoting love and respect for oneself, others and Qatar.
  2. To develop positive relationships and collaboration between home, school and community.
  3. Develop the spirit of belonging and pride in Qatar society.
To promote awareness of the importance of sustainability and conservation of environment.

our team

Meet our Qualified Staff

Our team of highly dedicated and experienced staff provide a friendly learning environment.
Our dedicated and passionate team of educators and administrative staff have been recruited from around the world and come from places such as United Kingdom, South Africa, USA, Egypt, India, Philiphines and Lebanon. They reflect the international learning environment of which we provide for our students. Families who join the Iqra English School will join a truly islamic cultural school community, where islamic cultural awareness is celebrated and valued.




Iqra English School provides our students with purpose-built facilities which not only allows us to provide our students with the very best international education, but it also allows us to provide an extensive range afterschool activities that further enhance our pupils learning.