Welcome to Iqra English School. Within this website, you will find our School's Vision, Mission and Principles. I would like you, our dear parents to read these and see for yourselves if we share the same passion in life. If you feel the same way, then I assure you that Iqra English School is the right school for your precious child. With the school's Vision and Mission entrenched in the hearts of all its educators, your child will be motivated to the fullest, thus preparing your child for life.In a short span of time Iqra English School has made a mark in the Education sector here in the country. Just like Qatar, Iqra English School has been going through rapid growth.

In a short span of time Iqra English School has made a mark in the Education sector here in the country. Just like Qatar, Iqra English School has been going through rapid growth. We started in January 2007 with only eight students and a number of educators, but, we now cater to more than 500 students. The school has been continuously expanding with the addition of new facilities to meet the demands of its growing student population. We have in our team highly qualified educators to teach and guide your children to be the best that they can be. To achieve our Vision and Mission our educators continuously assess the school's curriculum and programs to assure that it meets international standards. We teach the curriculum of England and Wales ( the "British" Curriculum ) with some modifications to make it more relevant and appropriate for our mainly Muslim children, the majority of whom speak English as a second language. We are also proud of our emphasis on the teaching of Arabic, Islamic Studies, and Quran memorization. Teaching techniques are consistently examined and improved to make sure that each child's progress is enhanced. These are just some of the efforts that our school has been implementing to assure you that your children reach their fullest potential. This website is our way of reaching out to you and providing you with timely information that you may need in choosing the right school for your child. We encourage you to visit our school to ask questions and give suggestions so we may work together to find means of providing the best education possible for your children.

Iqra English School aims to provide each child with a high standard of education to help him/her be well-informed, well-rounded, God-conscious, confident and a caring individual. Through our efforts, every child will be highly motivated to try to reach his/her full potential; thus preparing our children for life


Let the light be spread with

L – Love

I – Inspiration

G – God’s fear

H – Help

T – Talent

Our Goals

We aim at helping all our students achieve their potential through the following:

  • Instilling in each child the importance of putting God in the center of his/her life
  • Maintaining a safe and an educationally stimulating school environment.
  • Enhancing the total progress of the child’s 5 aspects of development mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social.
  • Employing highly qualified educators to guide and hone each child to be the best s/he can be.
  • Attaining good academic progress through the use of varied learning and teaching techniques.
  • Regularly assessing school programs to ensure that they meet international standards and are appropriate to the needs of our students.
  • Setting high standards with regards to our admission policy to ensure that only students who we believe will benefit from our various programs and who are of good ability and character are admitted
  • Instilling in each child the importance of awareness of various traditions, cultures and values, especially the Arabic language and Islamic culture.
  • Promoting self-respect and respect for others
  • Making learning a fun and enjoyable experience for the children.
  • Working hand-in-hand with parents and the community to ensure that our goals are achieved.

Why Choose Us?

Certified Tutors
Small Class Size
Safety First

our team

Meet our Qualified Staff

Our team of highly dedicated and experienced staff provide a friendly learning environment.
Our dedicated and passionate team of educators and administrative staff have been recruited from around the world and come from places such as United Kingdom, South Africa, USA, Egypt, India, Philiphines and Lebanon. They reflect the international learning environment of which we provide for our students. Families who join the Iqra English School will join a truly islamic cultural school community, where islamic cultural awareness is celebrated and valued.



Iqra English School provides our students with state-of-the-art purpose-built facilities of the very highest quality, allowing us to offer students not only a quality international education, but it also allows us to provide an extensive range of sports and after school activities to ensure we educate the whole child in and beyond the classroom.