Application Process

Iqra English Schools consist of three schools; a preschool for children aged between 3 and 5, a Boys only Primary school for students aged between 5 and 12, and a Girls only school Preschool and Primary school for students aged between 3 and 12. These schools operate from separate facilities in three locations in Doha, Qatar. The schools have an Islamic ethos. The school curriculum is based on the curriculum of England and Wales and taught in English. The school also teaches Arabic, Islamic Studies, Qatar History and Quran. The latter are taught in Arabic.

Iqra English schools attract pupils from the local Qatari community as well as from the international community for whom an education in English coupled with a strong Arabic education and an emphasis on an Islamic upbringing is important.
The application process at Iqra English School consists of four stages.

Stage 1: Application
Families who wish to apply for a place for their child at Iqra English School are required to submit an application form accompanied by an Application Fee of QAR 525. Once we have received your application form a member of our admissions team will contact you to arrange a time for you and your child to visit the school and complete the application process. Please note you will have to bring the originals and copies of the documentation listed below for the interview.
        • Parents’/guardian’s passport (and residence visa where applicable)
        • Your child’s passport
        • Two recent passport-sized photos of your child
        • Valid Qatari ID card for child and parent
        • Your child’s health and immunisation documentation
        • The most recent report from your child’s school
        • Previous school year report(s) from your child’s school
        • Any other relevant reports relating to your child’s specific learning needs or requirements
Stage 2: Interview and Assessment
The following criteria are taken into consideration when applications are received:
      • Academic ability
      • Previous school report
      • Age
Iqra Schools follow the guidelines from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education with regards to admission. Parents are advised to consult the guidelines on the MoE website for further information. In particular, if a child has not previously studied in a British curriculum school then parents should refer to the MoE equivalency chart to understand what is the appropriate year group for their son or daughter. Iqra English Schools use the following minimum age for the year of entry:
Age On or Before Year Group
3 30 th September Nursery
4 30 th September Reception
5 30 th September 1
6 30 th September 2
7 30 th September 3
8 30 th September 4
9 30 th September 5
10 30 th September 6
Admission to Iqra English Schools is subject to passing an entrance test, behaviour and progress reports from the previous school. Behaviour report is of critical importance while reviewing any application. Places are therefore not granted on a first-come first-served basis. As our schools are fully established and much in demand we do give priority to siblings, however siblings are also subject to passing the entrance test and do not have an automatic right to a place in our schools. Behaviour report is an important part of the application and is reviewed by the Principal, even if the applicant has passed the entrance test. An applicant might not be offered a place in case of a poor behaviour report from the previous school.
Stage 3: Offer
Successful applicants will receive a letter offering a place at Iqra English School for their child. The letter will be accompanied by an Acceptance Form and our Terms and Conditions.
Stage 4: Acceptance
To accept an offer of a place for your child, the signed and completed Acceptance Form must be accompanied by the signed Terms and Conditions and a Reservation Fee (Deductible to Term Fee)of QAR 2101.00 within three weeks of receiving the offer letter. Please ensure our Terms and Conditions are read and understood before accepting the offer of a place at Iqra English School.