October 1, 2018

Iqra redefines its mission statement

Iqra recently updated their mission statement for the new academic year. Saima Sameer, Principal of Iqra said, “As education shifts, flows and progresses, our school also needs to be on the pulse of our student and our community needs. We very much consider Iqra to be a top notch school steeped in Islamic values and […]

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December 21, 2017

International Day Celebration

An annual event is being held at Iqra English School for Girls to commemorate the International Day Celebration. This year’s theme – “Share our similarities, Celebrate our differences” is conveying unity amidst diversity. Qatar is home to a number of people coming from various nations. The school had showcased such rich variety of cultures and […]

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Environment Month Celebration

November is Environment Month! The school conducted various activities in order to raise awareness among the students. In their classes, teachers discussed with their students the issues concerning our planet Earth as well as the ways on how to address such issues, focusing on their roles in saving the environment. On the 8th of November […]

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