Curriculum and Support Programs

Iqra Pre-school follows the British National Curriculum for the foundation stage, children from the age of three up to the end of the Reception year. In preschool we have Play way based curriculum, where we impart knowledge through various fun filled activities. The curriculum of preschool is very flexible. It is planned in such a way that there is a smooth transaction from informal to formal school of learning in two years. The connection between language and literacy is powerful. The Preschool Curriculum focuses on this connection by providing meaningful language and literacy experiences for children during every part of the daily routine. Since speaking, listening, reading, and writing develop together, all these activities are promoted in early childhood programs.

The development areas are as follows:

• personal, social and emotional development

• communication, language and literacy • mathematical development • knowledge and understanding of the world • physical development • Creative development

English phonics •English workbook

Literacy •Pattern writing book •Supplemented by Jolly Phonics by Sue Lloyd •Readiness Lane Worksheets Maths •Maths workbook •Exercise book for writing practice •Tracing and colouring numbers worksheets Creative •Colouring book •Craft activity worksheets
Reception Book

English Phonics

1. ALL ABOARD (Sing, Spell Read &Write by Sue Dickson) • Phonemic awareness •Sound/ letter recognition •Handwriting •Visual and Auditory Discrimination 2. ON TRACK (Sing, Spell Read &Write by Sue Dickson) •Intense systematic Phonics •Vocabulary development •Reading •comprehension MathsAbacus •Number Workbooks 1 – 3 •Maths workbook Science •Read and Learn workbook Creative •Colouring book •Craft activity worksheets
Further details can be viewed on the following link! Department for Education