Learn more with ECA!

Extra-Curricular Activities are being conducted on Mondays to Wednesdays, from 1:45 to 2:30 pm. There are lots of activities which the girls can participate to, for all year levels. Check out some photos showing how active, skilled, and talented our girls are.

How artistic and creative the girls are! They can develop their craftsmanship on various school clubs such as Art and Craft, Jewelry Making, and Origami. Those who are more inclined to hone other skills such as cooking and needle work, there are activities which the girls can join to. The ‘Cooking without Fire’ is surely an interesting one.

For the girls who are passionate with Mathematics and Science, there are exciting activities provided by the Interactive Maths Club and Science Club. The girls surely have fun in learning a lot of new things!
Another engaging activity the girls can join with is the one provided by the Computer Club. Here, the girls are being taught of the basic computer functions. They can learn a lot of useful things such as editing fonts and creating files.

Time for sports! The school has a Badminton, Basketball, and Football Clubs. The girls can enjoy playing while being physically active and learning new things on certain sports. It is important that the girls have both a sound mind and a sound body.