All fees listed below are charged in Qatari Riyals, and are payable in advance of attendance to Iqra English School. The fees are assessed in accordance with the fee structure established by the school and approved by the Ministry of Education. They will be reviewed annually, and are subject to increases. Iqra English School will endeavour to give at least one term’s notice of any changes to the tuition fees and additional charges.

Programme Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Annual
Boys School 7,400 7,400 7,400 22,200
Girls School 7,108 7,108 7,108 21,323
Pre School Mamoura 5,658 5,658 5,658 16,974
Pre School Hilal Nuaija (New Students)  6,100  6,100  6,100  18,300
The annual fee includes:
    • Tuition
    • Loan of text books
    • Your child’s birth certificate
    • Extra-curricular activities offered by IQRA staff
    • Local community service activities and trips
The annual fee does not include:
    • School uniform
    • Extra learning support
    • Your child’s birth certificate
    • Extra-curricular activities offered by external providers
    • Examination fees (these depend on the Year Group of the child, and will be communicated to parents at the beginning of the academic year)
    • Some special events

Additional Fees and Deposits

Boys School Girls School Pre School
Registraion Fee (Non-refundable) QAR 525.00 QAR 545.00 QAR 500.00
Reservation Fee (Non-refundable & deducted from the first term's fees) QAR 2,206.00 QAR 2,288.00 QAR 2,101.00
Examination Fee QAR 220.00 QAR 228.00
Book Loan for Primary (Annual Fee) QAR 1,800.00 QAR 1,800.00 QAR 1,200

School Bus Fee

Round Trip Boys School Girls School Pre School
Monthly QAR 750.00 QAR 750.00 QAR 750.00
Per Term QAR 2,101.00 QAR 2,179.00 QAR 2,101.00
Annual QAR 6,304.00 QAR 6,538.00 QAR 6,304.00
One Way All School
Monthly QAR 450.00
Per Term QAR 1,300.00
Annual QAR 3,900.00
    • Upon application for admission the student needs to pay the Examination Fees.
    • Upon acceptance of the offer of a place – The Student Registration Fee is payable once only per student. It is pay able immediately an offer of a place is accepted. This offer of a place expires after seven (7) days.
    • School Place Reservation fee of QR 2,288 for the following academic year is due between 1st of March to 1st of May.
    • Tuition fee and other school fees – detailed below
    • The Tuition Fee is applicable for the school academic year from August to July, which is divided into three terms.
    • There are two options available for payment of Tuition Fee:i. Advance Yearlyii. Three installments term wise – due to be paid 14 days before the start of each term
    • All fee payments should be made by the due dates as indicated in the Fee Payment Schedule.
    • School reserves the right to revise/ amend the Fee Schedule.
    • Tuition fees are invoiced as three equal payments to be paid before the beginning of the term
    • If a student is admitted in the first half of a term, a full term's tuition fees will be charged
    • If a student is admitted in the second half of a term, half the term's fees will be charged
    • All existing students will be invoiced for the Reservation Fee in Term 3. Students applying to join the School in Term 1 will be invoiced for the Reservation Fee when they accept a place. This non-refunded deposit guarantees a place is held for the student over the summer holiday. The Reservation Fee payment is deductible against the Tuition Fee for the following Term1.
    • The students that opt for daily school transport have to pay the ‘Transport Fee’ as prescribed from time to time. The same is payable along with the Tuition Fee; (i.e .at least 14 days before the start of each term) – REFER TO TUITION FEE SECTION ABOVE.
    • Failure to pay the fees as per the fee schedule will result in your child being excluded from class and/or transport service.
    • There will be no reduction in the fee where a student is absent for part of the term.
    • Student whose fee remains unpaid in full or in part no internal examination results, reports, Transfer Certificates or recommendations to future schools will be issued to the student or parent until the outstanding fee is received.
    • If the outstanding fee is not paid in full or part following reminder(s) by end of term, the child’s name shall be struck off from the school’s records and the debt remains due to the school.
    • The school reserves the right to resort to the courts to reclaim any unpaid debt even after a child has left the school or has been struck off the register.
    • Students wishing to withdraw should give at least half term’s notice in writing.
    • In case of withdrawal, fee pertaining to the term falling in the notice period shall be payable by the student, if Proper documents are duly submitted and approved by the schools management
    • Where a student leaves the school:
    • One full month will be charged, if a student attends school for less than one month.
    • Full term will be charged, if a student attends school for more than one month.
    • The school management reserves the right to make any exceptions to the refund policy for compassionate reasons, at their discretion.
    • This also applies to the refund of the students transport fees.
    • Admission Fees, Registration Fees and Reservation Fees are Non- Refundable and Non-Transferable under any circumstances.
    • Reservation fees will be refunded to students who are continuing the following year, once we received the payment from the companies or government (MOE).

Payment Policy

    • IQRA English School Accounting Office accepts Cash and dated cheques.
    • Payment via banks: Payments can be transferred through the school bank accounts. Cash Deposits is also accepted.If remittance has been made, please make sure that deposit slip should be forwarded together with the student’s name to the Accounting Office so a corresponding receipt can be issued.
Transfer accounts
    • A/C Name:IQRA English School
    • Account number: 222-900550-01-10-1
    • IBAN: QA68 DOHB 022209005500010010001
    • A/C Name: IQRA English School for Boys
    • Account number: 222-900550-01-10-02
    • IBAN: QA41 DOHB 022209005500010010002
    • A/C Name: IQRA English Preschool
    • Account number: 222-900043-01-10-00
    • IBAN: QA04 DOHB 022209000430010010000
    • If you choose to pay the fee through bank transfers, a copy of the bank receipt together with the student’s name should be forwarded to the Accounting Office for double confirmation.(Fax numbers: IQRA Girls School: +974-44510056, IQRA Boys School: +974-44694761, IQRA Preschool: +974-44569465)
    • All fees or a copy of the bank voucher must be received prior to the student reporting to school and receiving their textbooks.