Meet our Student Leaders!
“Some people think leaders are born – they naturally possess the social intelligence and charisma that motivates others to work together. Others believe that leaders are made – they build their skills with practice, experience and mentoring.” – Northwestern Mutual Voice

Whether leaders are born or made, the school plays a significant role in shaping our future leaders. On the 1st day of October 2017, Iqra English School for Girls had an election for the Student Council. The student council helps the students and teachers in sharing concerns, ideas, and other matters for the best interests of the school. A number of girls showed their passion on becoming student leaders and the student body voted the ones for each respective position.

President:Fayza Abdulaziz A M AL-Sayegh (Class 6-3)

Vice President: Habiba Mohamed Fathy Abdalla Dawy (Class 6-1)

Secretary: Liyan Mohammad Yousef Hamad (Class 6-3)

Treasurer: Aisha Ali Abdullah AL-Nesf (Class 6-2)

Sarrah Munjed Isam Attili (Class 4-1)
Dana Abdulaziz Abdulrasoul (Class 4-2)
Maryam Abdulla A A Abol (Class 4-3)
Anwar Jawad I M Bukshaisha (Class 5-1)
Kaltham Mohammed A M Al-Heidous (Class 5-2)
Fatima Soud A A Al-Dosari (Class 5-3)

Adviser: Ms. Masooda Ibraiz

Congratulations to the girls! May you serve as an inspiration to every student of Iqra English School for Girls and able to practice good leadership.