Fun @ Yellow Day 

The Preschool has celebrated the ‘Yellow Day’ on the 26th of October 2017, Thursday. It was a day filled with exciting activities, kids with their cute yellow outfits, and some mothers graced the event with their presence. The event started with a program at the P.E. Hall in which the kids showed their talents through various presentations. Sunflower Class and Lilly Class presented the ‘Yellow Song’ and Tulip Class recited the poem ‘Catch a Little Rhyme’. There was also an Arabic Song Presentation by selected preschool students.

To add more fun on the event, games were played such as ‘Bring Me’ which was participated by both the mother and child, ‘Pass the Hoops’ by the mothers, and ‘Hop, Relay, and Pass the Ball’ by all the preschool kids

After the presentations and games, the event was continued at each classroom. The preschool kids had so much fun with their activities on corn collage, crown making, and face painting. Some of the mothers still joined them on such activities.

What an amusing day for our preschool students! It’s so good to see everyone enjoying. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of all the staff that made it such a success.