Iqra recently updated their mission statement for the new academic year. Saima Sameer, Principal
of Iqra said, “As education shifts, flows and progresses, our school also needs to be on the pulse
of our student and our community needs. We very much consider Iqra to be a top notch school
steeped in Islamic values and we want to showcase and celebrate who we are, our mission
statement tells our entire community who we are.”
Iqra relied on diff erent stakeholders to lend their opinions for a new statement. Iqra plans on
posting the new mission statement throughout the school to resonate with daily activities
and decisions made to help students and teachers focus on the present when dealing with
expectations of both self and community. Iqra also planned a mission statement professional
development opportunity where the leaders brainstormed ways of coming up with a mission
statement that can be reinforced into the daily activities at Iqra defining its vision, direction and